Working with Surefire Management Services

Our clients gain more than just a competitive advantage when using the Surefire framework. With SMS support, our clients experience:

  • Single supplier pre-priced OJEU compliant framework for works and ECO funding

  • Time and money savings associated with tendering for large scale energy efficiency retrofit works

  • Access to a high quality sub contractor network – only companies with long-standing trading histories are permitted 

  • Direct access to best value ECO funding from a range of energy company providers

  • Competitive low rate commission  

  • Tax efficient, guaranteed net prices upfront

  • A range of over 37 approved EWI systems ranging in price from £12.50 per sqm

  • Unique system capabilities on maintenance, non-combustibility, wind load and impact resistance not matched elsewhere in the UK market, making our products the safest, strongest and with the longest life of any other like for like system in the UK

  • Managed by Surefire Management Services 

  • National coverage through the Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP).

Delivering best value

To ensure the competitiveness of the framework SMS regularly conducts pricing exercises
amongst its network of specialist installers and undertakes external benchmarking.
Our long term partner Walsall Housing Group contribute to this benchmarking process to
ensure transparency and under the rules of the Framework they undertake a documented
annual review of SMS framework prices.

However in reality the actual Schedule of Rates acts as the benchmark, as when any formal
quote is provided this automatically has to be compared to the corresponding rate. If the
procured costs are lower than these rates (which is the aim) then a SMS rebate is provided to
the client. If the procured rate exceeds this benchmark then the client has the option to not
proceed or re-procure.

In addition the Retrofit & Partnership Delivery Framework utilises specialist installers reducing
layers of unnecessary costs, whilst still retaining the necessary levels of supervision and
supplies a guaranteed maximum price for the SMS scope of works. Finally SMS charges less
than 2% to access the framework, which is the lowest standard fee in the country and is
the only framework that provides funding direct off the cost of works producing further
added savings and tax efficiencies.