Combining funding with work

In our schemes we encourage community regeneration, community pride and passion in
our stakeholders. A key part of our strategy is to engage the community, and ensure we meet
their needs in their houses, within their communities. We successfully engage through our
community teams with community leaders who play a key role in the roll out of our schemes,
ensuring the regeneration reaches across the community, and generates a sense of local
pride in the communities that have benefited from scheme funding.

Our schemes specifically target hard-to-treat properties and encourage energy suppliers to
provide ‘whole house’ improvements. These schemes rejuvenate communities on a house by
house, street by street basis. The programme is universal for those who live in qualifying areas
and SMS has successfully adopted strategies to ensure they’re true community projects by
including all types of housing and tenants in its schemes. As a result we’re seeing community
regeneration, community pride and real passion in the people taking part.

Currently, for eligible properties, we can access funding for between 20 and 100% of the costs of
various energy efficiency measures including; A - rated boilers, Solid and Cavity Wall Insulation,
Loft and Underfloor Insulation, District Heating and various renewable heat and power solutions.


SMS is a proven and expedient procurement solution, which specialises in delivering energy
efficiency solutions with the utilisation of specialist installers. To date c£100m of energy
efficiency works has been successfully delivered through the framework throughout England, Scotland & Wales.

SMS saves on procurement costs by offering one of the lowest framework fees currently in
the market. The SMS fee is 2% for the 1st £1m cost of the project and 1% for each £1m thereafter.
SMS is the only framework that offers ECO managed schemes that produce added savings
and efficiencies. SMS rates are reviewed annually to ensure they are competitive at all times.
This annual process is signed off by Walsall Housing Group. Framework rates act as a check
and balance but often discounts are provided on these rates, showing extra value.