Solutions we deliver

Energy Retrofit

Improving accommodation for communities.

These schemes involve installing solid wall insulation to properties.

They also provide biomass district heating, gas district heating and domestic heating for
properties. As well as loft and cavity wall insulation. The project can also include provision
of solar PV panels for both tower blocks and individual homes to generate electricity for
themselves. Both private and social housing has been covered by these type of improvements.

The different nature of communities can mean that we have to find energy answers for a
number of different sets of circumstances that will all deliver equally effective levels of heating
efficiency. It involves developing a close working relationship with the local authority to build
an energy efficient plan for the long term.

Above shows a before and after scheme example

The difference it's made:

  • Taking fixed income families out of fuel poverty

  • Making the local area more attractive 

  • A sense of pride about the community