Solutions we deliver

Modular Buildings


With our investments in manufacturing and sustainability, we control all aspects of
production from tree to finished home.

Our Jack in the Box modular homes are a modern innovation of a SIP (Structured Integrated
Panel), providing a great solution for building needs. There are many benefits for the investor,
designer, builder and occupier of Jack in the Box homes, these are:

  • Modern construction method

  • Super energy efficient

  • Simple to create, full CAD suites

  • Commercial and residential use

  • Structurally superior to traditional timber

  • Space optimisation

  • Creative freedom of design

  • Variations of panels, walls, floors &  ceilings

  • Airtight homes, free of draughts and cold areas

  • Quick construction

  • Reduction in energy running costs

  • Much higher sound proofing

  • Mineral wool core - non combustible

  • No specialised tools/trades required

  • Compatible with alternative forms of construction

  • Less supervision required on erection

State of the art production backed by world class R&D is at the heart of all our
manufacturing. We also control all aspects of manufacturing, ensuring sustainability and
design flexibility. They are manufactured off site and have integrated energy technologies.


Our solutions are flexible; as well as design, manufacture and building structure, we also provide
fully integrated services and tenant ready packages; including kitchens and bathrooms.

We work in partnership from concept through to completion, providing full design service.

Building tomorrow, today