Watmos Tower Block Refurbishment Programme 2020-2022


Leamore Community

Introducing your RLO

We are pleased to confirm there will be a Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) based on site during the day throughout the entirety of this refurbishment project. The RLO will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have around the project. The RLO for Leamore will be Michelle McLean. 

When will work start on my block?


Covid restrictions have meant the scheduled commencement of works have been delayed, we now hope to start in the middle of April 2021, and we hope to finish in summer 2022. The work will start when all the safety arrangements have been put into place. Each block will be worked on individually, and every effort will be made to reduce disruption and to ensure all work is carried out safely and efficiently. The table below shows the duration of work on site for each house.

Block Name


Dover House

Conway House

Pembroke House

Harleach House

Kenilworth House

Ludlow House

Duration per block

36 weeks

36 weeks

36 weeks

36 weeks

36 weeks

36 weeks

The images below show how great the Leamore community will look after the improvements are complete.

Leamore BG.jpg

About the contractor

SMS works with homeowners and local authorities to improve the energy efficiency of their owner occupied and privately rented homes. 

We provide a robust framework and consultancy services to deliver excellent quality retrofit work across the UK. Our retrofit projects make homes and businesses warmer, more efficient, cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly.

Since it was launched in 2013 approximately £100m of energy efficiency retrofit projects have been completed using the Surefire framework.


Safety and Security measures

All external works will be accessed either using scaffold or mast climber platforms set up on all sides of the building. We will ensure ladders will be removed at the end of each working day so as to discourage anyone from attempting unauthorised access at night or over weekends. Scaffold fans will be erected above the front and rear entrances to the blocks which will add additional protection to members of the public and residents whilst the work is underway.


Access will be restricted to the scaffold/mast climber areas by 2-metre-high security fencing inside the existing low-level fencing line.

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